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Some people think differently. In fact, that's how our company started – a very different way of approaching the legal profession.

Counsel On Call attorneys fit this mold. They have excellent academic backgrounds and worked for some of the most respected law firms and legal departments in the country. Some found that life in the traditional practice of law wasn't for them. Others were forced to find a new way to work because of personal circumstances, like having a child or taking care of an aging parent. And some wanted to pursue other passions, like writing, starting a business or doing more volunteer work.

No matter the situation, their passion for practicing law didn't fade, and in their search for better work-life balance or control over their schedule, they found our company or we found them.

Counsel On Call works with the nation's leading law firms and largest, most successful companies, so it's easy for our attorneys to continually challenge themselves professionally. Only now they also have time for outside interests – family, personal projects, other work-related activities – whatever they want to pursue.

Simply put, if you are one of our attorneys or paralegals, it's our mission to provide an outlet so you can have your life, your career, your way.

If you're interested in the assignments we have in your city or area of the law, please visit the Job Opportunities section of our Web site. We also invite you to watch a video that includes interviews with several members of our team.