Counsel On Call Announces Expansion and Leadership Plans

In line with company’s mission to ‘transform’ the delivery of legal services

Nov. 15, 2012

Dennis McKinnie is the new president of Counsel On Call and the company has opened new Managed Service Centers in Atlanta and Dallas, it was announced today.

McKinnie, who has served as an executive director and led Counsel On Call’s Atlanta office since 2005, assumed the role of president in October 2012. Jane Allen, formerly the president and founder, is now the chief executive officer and will also serve on Counsel On Call’s board of directors.

“Dennis is a proven leader and, alongside our clients, has helped develop many of the groundbreaking services we offer,” said Allen. “He is a true pioneer in our profession and has a concrete vision of how we can help our clients stay ahead of the curve to meet the legal and fiscal demands of tomorrow. We’re excited about what he offers in this position to our employees and our clients.”

McKinnie has played a key role in Counsel On Call’s growth and helped the company become a leading legal service provider to corporate legal departments and law firms on a national level. Since 2005, Counsel On Call has more than quadrupled its corporate staff and grown revenues five fold. During that time, McKinnie worked closely with Counsel On Call’s clients to design new services and identify key metrics related to the quality and value of the legal work being performed. He has also helped Counsel On Call become a destination of choice among attorneys seeking a new way to practice law.

Prior to Counsel On Call, McKinnie served as general counsel for two publicly traded software companies, practiced in the intellectual property litigation group at Powell Goldstein LLP (now Brian Cave) in Atlanta, and served as staff counsel to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Counsel On Call has also officially opened state-of-the-art Managed Services Centers (MSC) in the Buckhead area of Atlanta and in the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas. Dramatically expanding the managed service space previously utilized in each market, the new, highly secure facilities each host up to 150 Counsel On Call attorneys, who typically work in teams dedicated to one client on discovery, contracts, diligence, employment and other large-volume matters. The facilities represent multi-million-dollar, long-term investments and feature stringent security measures, the latest technology tools for attorneys, flexible space for different team sizes and needs, and an emphasis on comfortable, professional and collaborative environments.

The new facilities join Counsel On Call’s Nashville MSC, which opened in June 2011. Within these facilities, Counsel On Call attorneys work for one-third of the 25 largest companies in the U.S. and one-quarter of the Fortune 100, among other clients. There are hundreds of Counsel On Call attorneys working on managed service matters for clients both domestically and internationally.

“Our focus on creating the best process, tracking the correct metrics and deploying the best attorneys for the job lends itself well to the current atmosphere and the future of the legal profession,” said McKinnie. “It also provides our attorneys with more choices regarding how and where they practice law, which is an important part of our mission.

“What we are doing is transforming the way legal services are delivered. We have developed efficient, proprietary and knowledge-based solutions to the challenges today’s marketplace brings. Our model has always been based on return on investment, and that will continue to be a differentiator for us.”

About Managed Services | “Managed services” is a term used to describe legal work that requires multiple attorneys and typically some form of project management. At Counsel On Call – where tightly structured teams have worked for some of the largest companies in the world for years – the model is highly refined, closely overseen, focused on efficiency and quality metrics, and proven to save millions of dollars in legal expenses.

It was Counsel On Call’s success in the e-discovery vertical that led the company to apply its managed service model to areas such as contacts management (corporations have thousands of contracts that require legal review and close oversight), diligence (voluminous, detailed research), compliance (regulatory work in multiple areas of a company) and employment (corporations with thousands of employees need coordinated responses and actions), among others. In each of these practice areas, the same teams of Counsel On Call attorneys work for the same client on matter after matter, year after year, further enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and knowledge retention offered to the client.

Counsel On Call’s project managers and team leaders have notable, high-level experience in their respective areas of practice, significant training on software and technology tools, and a solid understanding of their clients’ business issues and internal protocols. Their hands-on leadership helps clients create the most cost-effective and quality-driven legal processes possible, and they have received extensive training on managing both people and workflows.

About Counsel On Call
Counsel On Call is the modern legal model: top attorneys, practical business consulting and dramatic cost reductions.

Utilizing its experienced attorneys and proven processes, the company works closely with corporate legal departments and law firms – across all areas of law -- to smartly and dramatically reduce costs, manage workloads and improve quality. The company works in two main ways: deploying one attorney at a time or providing managed services, a model in which teams of attorneys efficiently handle large-volume matters. In both models, Counsel On Call attorneys often work with schedule flexibility and are dedicated to one client.

Headquartered in Nashville, Counsel On Call also has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Memphis and Managed Service Centers in Atlanta, Dallas and Nashville. Founded in 2000, the company has hundreds of attorneys working throughout the U.S. and internationally.